Young rapper, Redveil uplifts his unique talents on his recent album: Learn 2 Swim

Sebastian Romero, Entertainment Editor & Staff Writer

Sebastian Romero

Redveil, a Mayland artist, released his latest album on his 18th birthday called Learn 2 Swim on April 20, 2022.  The genre of the album is considered as alternative hip-pop, but mainly jazz rap. 

It is such a big step up for the young artist’s career: for one, he mostly did all the productions on the album, which doesn’t have a big feature artist; it has small artists who show what other underground artists can do.  This shows that you don’t need a big name on your songs whatsoever to make it good or sound good. 

Until October 2022 where RedVeil and hip-hop rapper, Denzel Curry made a remix on one of the songs in the album, but that was beside the point.  

The album contains 12 songs, and a total of 35 min and 30 sec overall–a very short album. The names of the songs are as follows: At first you got together, diving board, pg baby, new info, shoulder, better, sky, morphine (da ways), automatic, home, mars, and working on it

I got to say that the production for an 18 year old is crazy good, during songs like pg baby, shoulder, together and working on it, his lyrics are beautiful and fit so perfectly on beat.

I also love the shoulder feature where the main hook is not Redveil but Mekdelawit and Renaissance Mic, both reaching a hook that sounds so good, so much that it kept me listening to the album even further. 

But by far the best song of the album is so tough to determine: I like 10/12 of the songs–the other two songs need to grow on me, but overall the best song on the album it has is sky but working on it is so close to being the best song on the album for me. But sky’s production and RedVeil’s  vocals on it are so good until the remix of pg baby with Denzel Curry out exceeded sky for me.Overall Learn 2 Swim is a solid album, really good production from Redveil and I do believe that his fans will like it. It is also a good album to show people who he is and what he does.

I do think he shines during this album and his past album as a whole. 

I would rate this album a 8.5/10: it’s filled with great songs, a strong production, and being considered a “jazz rap genre” it is actually better than I expected.