Staff Bios

Dominic Fevrier

Co-Editor-in-Chief/Sports Editor/Staff Writer


“To try and fail persistently is not evidence of inadequacy; but rather a will to attempt, achieve, and succeed.”

                                                 ~Dominic Fevrier

As a kid, I was often entertained by tales of mystery and paranormal events. I fondly remember taking time outside of school to read and even write my own small stories. Transferring from my small private school to one of our state’s largest high schools in the middle of my first year took a bit of adjustment, but I could now not see myself being happier anywhere else. Just as my junior year came to its conclusion, I was offered the opportunity to join our school newspaper. Greatly intrigued by the idea, I joined the class just as I entered my final year of high school. I cannot wait to continue to write more for you all, and I hope you enjoy the work we produce.

Alexa Sanchez-Nava

Co-Editor-in-Chief/Staff Writer


I don’t set out to write something. I more just write, and later on, I discover what it’s about.”

                                                   ~Mitski Miyawaki

HI!! My name is Alexa and this is my first year as a Pulse writer, and it is also my first year as a Co-editor in chief 🙂 

While I do not have journalistic experience, collaborating with my fellow writers and pushing myself to learn different forms of writing is one of the many reasons I’m appreciative of my role in The Pulse.

I’ve always had a passion for all things English and literature, and throughout these past few years I’ve sought out classes and resources in order to grow technically and stylistically as a writer. My dream is to pursue writing that leaves a mark on audiences of all kinds- to craft something that moves people to make a change. I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to start that work here at The Pulse.

My love for writing isn’t strictly limited to books and essays, however. I look to musicians and writers of color as some of my biggest inspirations for the work I do. Seeing such prominent authors/writers compose works that highlight their experiences as minorities and reach so many people’s lives is something I couldn’t even fathom I wanted until recently. Writing can take the form of whatever you feel it needs to be, to be a medium for the message you want to express to the world- something I’m certain The Pulse can continue to do this year and in years to come.

I want to take full advantage of my senior year, to grow as a writer, as a person, and as a leader. Collaborating with such creative people and being a voice for our school is something that is very important to me, especially in cases of stories that are silenced or aren’t being heard. I have high aspirations for our team this year and I’m certain we’ll create editions we can be proud of and ones that make our school proud.  >:)


Izack Kessler

Layout Editor/Staff Writer/Chief-Illustrator/Cartoonist


“We are born to love, be joyous, to move, learn, cry and feel. We are in fact born to live.”


Hi! I’m Izack Kessler and I’m a senior in the Communications Academy. Since I was young, I’ve always loved to draw, both digitally and traditionally, and I still do to this day! Some of my other hobbies are playing video games, listening to music, and writing stories! I love talking to my friends and meeting new people! I chose to join The Pulse as I was invited as a guest writer last year, which inspired me to join newspaper as a whole. 

After high school, I plan to head to college to study in Media Arts and Game Development. I’m excited to use my artistic skills for a career that I’d love to work in, and I’m working hard to achieve my goals. I am constantly developing my skills, improving as I create more! 

I’d like to thank my family and friends for supporting me and helping me become the person I am today, I couldn’t have done it without you guys! <3


Evan Steidtman

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Evan. I’m an 11th grade communications student here.

I love to write anything and everything, songs, poems, stories, and even pieces for the newspaper. Coincidentally, I am literally a staff writer for the Pulse and you may even have read some of my work. I joined The Pulse for more writing experience as well as exposure to new people. I plan on moving to Milwaukee after high school and focusing on flourishing in music and art. Thank you!



Kiannah Wierzchowski

Illustrator/Cartoonist/Staff Writer



                        ~Charlie Kelly (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Hi, I’m Kiannah Wierzchowski, and I am a comprehensive senior here at ITHSA. I draw, animate, and play games in my freetime; I love creating things, and bring others to life. I’ve always been a comprehensive student, and while it is more laid-back, it can be very uneventful. However, when asked my junior year to join The Pulse, I quickly accepted. Being able to write about topics currently happening, as well as create new works of art to add is right up my alley. Having the opportunity to meet and work with people who have similar passions of mine is such a good experience.

Thanks to my family, friends, and The Pulse staff for all the support, I’m excited to pursue my final year of high school as a team member of our school newspaper.

Kyler Jacobson

Staff Writer


“People haven’t always been there for me but music always has.”

     ~Taylor Swift

Hello, I’m Kyler, a Staff Writer at The Pulse Newspaper. I’m a senior at Indian Trail, and this is my first year working as a part of this newspaper. I love music and professional wrestling, which are two things that I could write about all day. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to join The Pulse because I knew that I would be able to write about what I love and what I’m passionate about. Inspiring others through literary work is what I’m determined to do, whether that be through educating others on important topics, or bringing attention to something fun that other people may enjoy. I hope to complete both of these goals many times throughout the year, as they’ll guide me through the writing process and help me to become a better writer. 

Sadahrie Mandujano

Staff Writer


We’re all damaged in our own way. Nobody’s perfect. I think we’re all somewhat screwy. Every single one of us

                                       ~Johnny Depp

Hi! My name is Nancy and I’m a junior in the MedSci Academy 

One thing that has always been my main passion  ever since I was little has been art and even though I’ve taken a break from it, it’s still something I enjoy. I also put lots of effort and dedication into what I do, which does cause me a little stress, but I do it to have a good outcome. Other things I enjoy are listening to music, watching movies (especially action movies), and spending time with my cousins. 

Writing has never been my best strength since I was little so I thought joining The Pulse would help me improve my skills and become a better writer. I’m much more interested in the entertainment and music industry which is what you’ll see me writing the most about this year.

I would like to give thanks to my family, friends, and especially my grandpa for always being supportive and encouraging whenever I doubt myself. Finally, I hope you’ll look forward to reading our articles and learning more from them.

Angel Peña

Webmaster/Staff Writer/Photographer


“If you ride like lightning, you’re going to crash like thunder.”                            

                   ~Ben Mendelsohn (The Place Beyond the Pines)

Hello hi. I’m Angel! 

This is my last year as a communications senior and I want to introduce myself. I really enjoy photography and filmmaking. I’ve grown to gain a niche in filmmaking after watching plenty of movies from my favorite directors. Over time I was able to take that inspiration and reflect it onto my style of photography and filmmaking. 

This is my last year in high school so I wanted to make sure I was engaged in any way I could. I joined The Pulse thanks to friends and teachers that were able to introduce me to the world of journalism and basically appreciate writing. Most of my ideas were kept in my head, but now I’ve decided to share them with everyone which is why I joined the team as a writer and webmaster. 

Among the many things I enjoy like music, movies, and discovering new things. I will make sure to be an outlet for those who enjoy reading and writing. I’m not much of a reader, but I take book recommendations very kindly. I’m very much looking forward to all that comes, as I expect the unexpected. 

Nobert Otieno

Photographer & Staff Writer


You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find things more important than what you want.”

                               ~Ging Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)

Howdy! I’m Nobert Otieno, a senior in the Communications Academy. I joined The Pulse because I wanted to delve more into photography. I love doing all things digital media including videography, 3D animation, music production, VFX, and light design. In my spare time, I love to play video games and watch anime.

Sebastian C. Romero

Entertainment Editor/Staff Writer/Photographer


“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you’re doing, you will be successful”

~Herman Cain 

Hi! My name is Sebastian, but I also go by Sebas.

I’m a communication senior who loves photography and editing. This is my last year here so I want to do a lot of things before my time in high school is over! I like writing about anything that involves the entertainment industry, especially music reviews, and now I’m starting to enjoy writing about the sport scenes too!

Hopefully the work that I do for The Pulse will have an impact on my work life after high school in a positive way!


Nancy Hernandez

Staff Writer


“We’ve got the time to take the world, and make it better than it ever was.”

                                   ~Finneas O’Connell

Hi! My name is Sadahrie Mandujano and I’m currently a junior at the Communications Academy. 

I love listening to music, reading, and spending time with friends and family, especially on holidays when we all get together to celebrate.

I have always had a passion for writing, whether it be an informational article for class or an entertainment piece about something going on online. During my time at the Communications Academy, I have also discovered my liking for graphic design. I love having the freedom to share my opinions about the things that I enjoy through writing, which is why I decided to join The Pulse.

It’s also great to have siblings who have previously joined The Pulse; they encouraged me to join and have supported me throughout my life along with the rest of my family and friends. They are my biggest supporters and I’m extremely thankful for them. 

Owen Ingram

Staff Writer & Illustrator


“Don’t go and worry now that I have gone, I’ve gone beyond to seek the truth!”

                                       ~Steve Harris

Hello! My name is Owen Ingram. The quote above is from my favorite band, Iron Maiden. I’ve seen ‘em live twice now, and they play some of the best shows I have ever seen. They inspired me to learn to play guitar!

I joined The Pulse to get a better connection with the people in ITA, and to have fun writing!

Thanks to Izack Kessler for persuading me to join the class 😀


Nevaeh Fuentez

Advertising Manager


“I’m a poser you said it yourself. Don’t expect me not to pose when the cameras come out.”

                                        ~SDC (Moving in Place)

Hi! My name is Nevaeh Fuentez and I am a senior at Indian trail! I wanted to join The Pulse because I love writing about real world events and problems. I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to stay informed about the world around them and that starts in high school.

I love music, reading, and talking to people. I am looking forward to what The Pulse has to offer in this upcoming year.


Yazminn Lugo

Senior Art Illustrator


“I was born at a very young age…”

               ~My Dad

Hello! My name is Yazminn.

I am a Senior in General Studies and I will be doing some illustrations! If you couldn’t tell already, yes, I am a nerd. Art has always been a big part of my life and has become an outlet for me to express myself and enjoy bringing new ideas to life. I also love to listen to music and create scenarios in my head to animate later on. I was homeschooled up to my Freshman year of high school and have been involved with sports like Lacrosse and the challenging nightmare of AP courses.

I joined the Pulse, to challenge my art skills into thinking outside of the box and working outside my comfort zone to expand a greater horizon for my love for art. Well it is my last year after all, let’s try something new!


Gabriela Carranza

Staff Writer


“A letter can sometimes be short and sweet, and still, express important feelings.”

                           ~Luculia from Violet Evergarden


Hi, my name is Gabriela, I also go by Gaby. I am a MedSci senior and now a Staff Writer for The Pulse

The reason why I joined The Pulse was that I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. When asked if I was interested, I was hesitant but decided to join because I thought nothing wrong could happen.

Because I’m more on the quiet side when it comes to socializing, I was very nervous to start writing, but I have since begun to like the class because of the new people I have been able to connect with and the stories I can now write. I also want to thank Mr. Strait for convincing me to join 🙂